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A1 First Aid 1st Class

First Aid Instructor/Assessor/Facilities Modulator

Tel. No: 01925 232658                      Mobile: 07890 964668 


A1 First Aid 1st Class training is provided by WR Boden Services Ltd, Wesley Boden, an approved AoFA (Ofqual recognised awarding organisation) trainer.


We have been interacting with all aspects of first aid/health and safety for over 16 years.  Training in house and out house training towards the customers' needs being able to work seven days a week if the client requires us to.


The best competitive rates adjusting packages to cater for the clients' needs.  We interact with care companies and employers advising of the best package to suit their needs.


We do a large amount of charity work with various charities giving our spare time to good causes, training their volunteers to the highest standards.  Our qualifications are too many to list and always updated keeping up to date with our own training in order to be able to train at the highest standards.


WR Boden Services Ltd

A1 First Class 1st Aid


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